Financial Support

Adapting to a new way of studying can be challenging. If you are facing financial hardship, support is available.

If you have any questions or concerns relating to COVID-19, please visit the COVID-19 site and reach out to the Student Centre.

Fast Track Payments and Technology Bursaries closed on the 7th July.

Extraordinary Student Support Fund is continuing into Study Period 2.

Fast Track Student Support Fund

An amount of up to $400 was available for students who needed help now, but did not qualify for Government assistance. Applications for this fund have now closed.

Technology bursary

An amount of up to $100 as a technology bursary was available for students who did not qualify for Government assistance. Applications for this fund have now closed.

Extraordinary Student Support Fund (applications now closed)

Extended support for those students facing the hardest of circumstances. Assessed on a case-by-case basis, this fund provides assistance with daily essentials through financial grants of up to $1,000 once off payment and/or Electronic Funds Transfer payments of up to $350 per fortnight. This fund is for those in exceptional circumstances.

Applications for this fund have now closed.

If all the below statements describe you and your current situation, you are eligible to apply:

  • I am residing and studying in Australia.
  • I am currently and will continue to be enrolled in at least 9 credit points for Teaching Period 2 2020.
  • I am in need of financial support as a result of the COVID-19 situation.
  • I do not currently receive any financial support from the Australian Government including, but not limited to, Centrelink payments, JobKeeper and JobSeeker.
  • I attended face-to-face teaching before the move to online learning.
  • I am not receiving a scholarship or stipend that is covering my ongoing living expenses.
  • I am willing and able to provide two months of bank statements for all bank accounts held, as confirmation of my income and expenses..
  • I have an Australian bank account.

Please note, if you are enrolled in less than 9 credit points and are experiencing hardship you may be considered for limited support where extenuating circumstances can be demonstrated. Please email

Step one: Ensure you meet the eligibility criteria listed above.

Step two: Create PDF documents of your bank statements to upload.

Step three: Applications now closed.

FNQYAF COVID-19 Community Crisis Fund

The FNQYAF COVID-19 Community Crisis Fund provides food and medical vouchers to disadvantaged youths (up to 24 years of age) or families who are suffering financial stress as a direct result of COVID-19.

To be eligible to apply, you must reside in the Far North Queensland region, an area from Cardwell, west to the Queensland border, and north to the Torres Strait Islands. The Fund will endeavour to assist all eligible applicants.

You can apply here.

Additional financial support

Parking refund

If you purchased a six- or 12-month parking permit between January and March 2020 you will be eligible for a refund. We will contact students directly by student email to organise a refund. You will be asked to provide proof of your permit and provide your banking details. If you would like a refund, you don’t need to do anything - we will be in touch shortly.

Please note, while the majority of teaching is currently being conducted online, various campus computer labs as well as the library remain accessible for students. You are now able to park in any of the all-day, four hour or free car parking spaces on campus free of charge for the remainder of 2020. Infringements will continue to be issued for parking in non-designated parking areas or parking illegally.

Tuition payment deferral

For students in the hardest of circumstances, you are able to defer JCU tuition payments for a period of time. Additionally, late payment fees have been waived for international and domestic fee-paying students. Get in touch with the Student Centre to discuss your personal situation.

No penalties for deferrals and withdrawals

All penalties for deferrals and withdrawals will be waived for students impacted by the COVID-19 situation. If you defer or withdraw due to the COVID-19 situation, Student Finance will ensure you will not pay any penalties.

Change to Census Date

Census date is when your enrolment for the study period is finalised and you become financially liable for each subject you are enrolled in. The Census Date for Study Period 1, 2020 was extended to 14 April (originally 26 March). We understand the COVID-19 situation has made study too difficult for some students. We look forward to welcoming these students back to JCU in the future.