We conduct projects around the world to tackle environmental issues of acute concern which cut across the TESS thematic areas. We approach these key issues from a multi-disciplinary perspective to better integrate the wide-ranging talents of our researchers.


Aerial view of rainforest habitat fragmentation

Reducing the global impacts of rapid infrastructure expansion

Strategies to minimise damage and maximise benefits in rapidly changing tropical environments.

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Woman in a tropical field

Sustainable tropical agriculture

Helping farmers, their advisors and regulators to provide sufficient healthy food, livelihoods, clean water and clean atmosphere.

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Ant bridge unity

Invasive species and biosecurity in tropical Australia

Tropical Queensland is a hotspot of opportunity for the introduction of invasive species, with millions of dollars spent on control efforts to date.

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building Engagement Development

Capacity Building and Engagement for Sustainable Development (#CBE4SD)

Sustainable advances in human dignity, human-environmental interactions and sustainable development agendas in Northern Australia and Tropical World

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Scenic view of Limestone islands in Wayag, Raja Ampat, Indonesia

Sustainable landscapes and livelihoods in Indonesia

Finding the balance between rapid population and infrastructure growth and management of biologically rich terrestrial and marine ecosystems.

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Daintree National Park, rainforest scenery in Queensland, Australia

State of the Tropics: Assessing key trends and challenges

The first in-depth, objective assessment of the tropics as an environmental and geopolitical entity in its own right.

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Research Themes


Theme 1 - Ecology, biodiversity and conservation

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Large tropical tree

Theme 2 - Environmental change and archaeology

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PNG rangers check environmental monitoring equipment

Theme 3 - Ecosystem science

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PNG local harvesting coconut

Theme 4 - Sustainable landscapes and livehoods

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People group

Theme 5 - Education, training and capacity building

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