2020 Dean's Awards for Excellence

2020 Dean's Awards for Excellence

2020 Dean's Awards for Excellence

Dedication, persistence, and a drive to make a difference to life in the tropics worldwide underpins the Higher Degree by Research experience. Sending the finished thesis off to the expert examiners is nerve-wracking and exciting, and for some being awarded the PhD or MPhil comes with an extra surprise – a Dean’s Award for Excellence.

Each year the Dean’s Award for Excellence recognises Higher Degree by Research graduates whose work has been identified by independent expert examiners as having made a substantial contribution to their field. Congratulations to the 11 researchers who have been honoured this year.

Dr Katrina Blake ‘Understanding Orientation and Mobility Learning and Teaching for Primary School Students with Vision Impairment: A qualitative study.'

Advisory panel: Associate Professor Paul Pagliano and Associate Professor Margaret Carter.

Dr Ylona Chun Tie ‘Playing the Game: A grounded theory study of the integration of internationally qualified nurses in the Australian healthcare system.’

Advisory panel: Professor Karen Francis and Professor Melanie Birks.

Dr Haipeng Jin ‘Understanding Chinese Tourist Shopping in Australia: A social practice perspective.’

Advisory panel: Professor Gianna Moscardo and Associate Professor Laurie Murphy.

Dr Alvin Lal ‘Development of Sustainable Groundwater management methodologies to Control Saltwater Intrusion into Coastal Aquifers and an Application to a Coastal Aquifer in Tropical Pacific Island Country.’

Advisory panel: Dr Bithin Datta and Associate Professor Nagaratnam Sivakugan.

Dr Jacqueline Lau ‘ »The Reef is our Garden”: expanding analysis of ecosystem services in coastal communities.’

Advisory panel: Professor Joshua Cinner, Dr Christina Graham, and Dr Georgina Gurney.

Dr Victoria Llewelyn ‘Percutaneous Absorption in Frogs: In vitro and in vivo studies developing models for disease treatment and environmental risk management.’

Advisory panel: Professor Beverly Glass and Dr Lee Berger.

Dr Tansyn Noble ‘Selective Breeding for Tolerance to Gill-associated Virus in the Black Tiger Shrimp, Penaeus Monodon.’

Advisory panel: Professor Dean Jerry, Professor Kyall Zenger, Dr Gregory Coman, and Dr Nicholas Wade.

Dr Mariana Alvarez Noriega ‘Competition and Coexistence of Reef-corals.’

Advisory panel: professor Sean Connolly, Associate Professor Mia Hoogenboom, and Professor Andrew Baird.

Dr Korah Parakal ‘The Structural Response and Progressive Failure of Batten to Rafter Connections Under Wind Loads.’

Advisory panel: Professor John Ginger, Dr David Henderson.

Dr Amy Peden ‘Building the Evidence Base for River Drowning Prevention.’

Advisory panel: Associate Professor Richard Franklin and Professor Peter Leggat.

Dr Stephanie Ryan ‘Investigating the Immunomodulatory Properties of Hookworm Recombinant Secretome.’

Advisory panel: Professor Alex Loukas, Dr Paul Giacomin, and Dr Matthew Field.

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Published 12 May 2020