Celebrating Milestones at Graduation

Celebrating Milestones at Graduation

Celebrating Milestones at Graduation

Graduation is a time to celebrate all the hard work and dedication that has led to this moment, while also looking towards bright futures filled with opportunities.

Each graduate has their own story. It could be one of sacrifice, hope, a desire to make a difference, and so much more. Friends, family and the community came together to celebrate the awarding of more than 270 degrees in Cairns.

 Soyraya Cook with four of her family members at JCU graduation.

For Soyraya (second from the right), graduation was an emotional celebration. “It’s a positive feeling,” she said. “Out of a family of eight, I am the first to graduate – it’s an amazing feeling.” Soyraya was born on Thursday Island and raised in Cairns. The Bachelor of Education graduate celebrated the day with her mum, aunty, sister and son. “My mum is excited,” she said. “We both shed some tears today.”

 Bronwyn and Kira in their gowns and mortarboards in front of a JCU banner at graduation.

Graduating from the Bachelor of Sustainability, Bronwyn and Kira are excited about what the future holds. “I’m moving to Melbourne tomorrow,” Kira said.

 Kristen Butler with three family members and her son at JCU Graduation

Surrounded by her husband, son and parents, Bachelor of Psychological Science graduate Kristen couldn't be happier. “It’s exciting,” she said. “I have a two-year-old son and I’ve been doing my degree, so I’m really grateful I have both. I’m also getting married in July so 2019 is the year for us!” Kristen hopes to pursue a career in child psychology. “I’d like to eventually be a child psychologist and work with children who have learning disabilities.”

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Feature image: Katherine Kokkonen

Published 8 May 2019