Job searching during the COVID-19 crisis – where & how

Job searching during the COVID-19 crisis – where & how

Job searching during the COVID-19 crisis – where & how

With all that is happening in our world, employment is rapidly changing and evolving, causing uncertainty and worry. But don’t lose hope! New jobs are always being created, and research shows that there are areas where jobs are becoming increasingly necessary in this time. Take a look at some of the roles that you could take on and our tips on how to get them.

Sources like the Australian Human Resources Institute, the Queensland Government, ABC News, and NASDAQ show that the following types of roles and industries will be looking for employees over the next few months in this unprecedented time:

  • Administration support and call centre workers
  • Aged care workers, nurses, medical assistants, medical researcher and dentists
  • Community support, social workers and public health communication
  • Grocery and food delivery workers
  • Professional cleaners and cleaning services
  • Project managers, IT specialists and online learning companies
  • Warehousing and distribution workers

So, how can you prepare?

Sharpen your video interview skills

This is the time to sharpen your skills in using video calling, conferencing technology, and digital communication. Make sure you give yourself time before your interview to check your connection, lighting and sound. Dress professionally, as you would for an in-person interview. Look directly into the camera and speak clearly and confidently – don’t be afraid to have some notes on hand! Do a practice interview with your friend to get comfortable in this online mode of communication.

Update and tailor your resume

Make sure your resume is updated and that it is tailored to the job requirements. You’ve gained transferrable skills through your university study and your life experience that can be used in many occupations. Carefully consider what the employer is looking for and how you can convey relevant skills in your resume. Include the specifics of what you did in your previous job and any achievements. Remember, the key is to value-add! If it isn’t doing that, take it out.

Write a cover letter that is relevant and real

When it comes to cover letters, generic ≠ job . Just like your resume, you need to tailor your cover letter to the job requirements. Provide specific details on how you meet the requirements and make sure to back it up with facts from your previous experience. Include why you want to work there. Research the role and the company and become familiar with their vision, objectives, values or projects – this can help you to convey why you want to work there and how you align with their objectives and vision.

Get a LinkedIn profile

Create a professional profile that displays your skills, strengths, career interests, and goals. This will help you to connect with other professionals and find roles that fit you. A LinkedIn profile can help you search many fields and increase your employment opportunities.

Use your connections

You are surrounded by connections that could lead to potential employment! Talk to your family and friends about your job search. Increase the scope of your search by looking outside of your immediate circle. Talk to your neighbours, your classmates, your academics. Ask the delivery driver. Use the full capacity of your network and see how it increases your ability to find and secure work.

Take care of yourself!

It’s no secret that job searching is stressful and often frustrating – doing it in a time of such uncertainty doesn’t make it better. As you look for employment, don’t forget to take care of yourself! Try not to get overwhelmed while managing your job search – take it one day at a time. Reach out to your support system when it starts to become too much. Keep up your routine. Do things that bring you joy!

For additional help in your job search, check out JCU’s advice on job searching, applications and interviews,  and JCU Careers and Employability.

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Published 15 Apr 2020