Top Tips for the Online Study Switch

Top Tips for the Online Study Switch

Top Tips for the Online Study Switch

As education institutions move to online learning, many students are learning how to navigate new video conferencing programs on the fly. These top tips can help you to master the virtual classroom.

Learn the program ahead of time by having a play around with its features, or find online videos that can walk you through the main features of the program.

Arrive a few minutes early in case of any technological problems and to make sure you are ready to start on time. Chances are you’ll also be able to chat with your lecturer and get that quick question answered before class starts.

Check your backdrop to avoid showing any items you’d prefer to not have on display to your class. Try to keep your backdrop distraction-free – the wall of your study space or a bookcase make good neutral backdrops.

Position the light source directly in front of you so that your face is illuminated and clear. Try to avoid sitting with your back to a window as this will turn your face into a featureless shadow for others in the class.

Mute your microphone whenever you’re not speaking to improve your ability to hear others clearly. It also avoids distracting feedback that can make conference calls difficult.

Use a headset to help block out any distracting background noise, especially if your home study space is shared with others. The microphone on a headset will also pick up your voice better so that others can hear your questions and responses more clearly.

Use the chat function to make comments and to ask questions. This function is especially useful in a large class where you can’t see all of your classmates and helps to avoid everyone talking at the same time.

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Published 20 Apr 2020