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22 June 2021

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Open the door to a range of career options

If you are passionate about helping people, improving the health of communities and want a career in a growing industry with job security, look no further – pharmacy may be the perfect option for you.

Pharmacy can lead to a range of careers, including working in retail community pharmacy stores, hospitals, Defence Force, research and drug development, aged care facilities, GP and health clinics, home visits, health service management and much more. As well as dispensing medications, retail pharmacists often provide a range of services, such as health and medication advice, vaccinations, health check-ups and reviews of medications.

“Since I’ve done pharmacy, no two days have been the same. There is just so much diversity to a career in pharmacy and it’s so rewarding as you really get to see the difference you can make to someone’s health.”

Kate Gill, JCU Bachelor of Pharmacy graduate

Four women in front of bus
Pharmacist at hospital in foreground with patient in background.
Left: Kate Gill (far right) with Wuchopperen Health Service colleagues. Right: Townsville University Hospital pharmacist and researcher Dr Stevie Perks.

Change people's lives

Do you have an interest in health and a passion for helping people? Pharmacists are on the front line of health care, making a difference to people’s health and improving community health outcomes. Pharmacists are also important members of the healthcare team, working with doctors, nurses and other allied health professionals, assisting in improving the health and wellbeing.

“My job still excites me. I get to make a difference every day. My Bachelor of Pharmacy is not just a degree to me, it’s the opportunity to apply my skills. The opportunities I’ve had have been to create change and really improve patient care.”

Dr Stevie Perks, JCU Bachelor of Pharmacy graduate

Be in demand

Looking for job security? In 2020 pharmacy was ranked as the top study area across Australia for graduate full-time employment, with 96.4 per cent of pharmacy graduates finding full-time employment soon after graduating*. JCU Pharmacy graduates are highly sought after by employers, with JCU’s degree being ranked as No. 1  in Queensland for pharmacy full-time graduate employment^.

“Pharmacy is very much a portable career that you can take to any community and find work. There are always a lot of opportunities. There’s usually a pharmacist in every community."

Eddie Gacitua, JCU Bachelor of Pharmacy graduate

Pharmacist in shop
Pharmacist in laboratory
Left: Port Douglas community pharmacist Sarah Hughes. Right: Townsville community pharmacist and JCU Pharmacy lecturer Shane MacDonald.

Job flexibility

A career in pharmacy offers a range of career pathways, some of which may offer flexibility in working arrangements, including part-time/full-time, casual, day or night shifts to help you balance your work, life and family commitments.

“Pharmacy has been the perfect career for me, having children and being able to come and go from the workforce between having children. It’s a career that is always in demand. Every time I’ve been ready to come back to work there has been a job here for me.”

Sarah Hughes, JCU Bachelor of Pharmacy graduate

* Graduate Outcomes Survey 2020

^Good Universities Guide 2021, UG Pharmacy

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