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Stephanie Schierhuber


College of Arts, Society and Education

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3 April 2020

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10 ways to stay connected during COVID-19

Starting to feel the distance during this time of social distancing? Read on to discover 10 ideas to help keep you connected to friends and family — and have some fun while you’re at it.

The dramatic reading

If you and your friends have a flair for the dramatic, consider hosting a dramatic reading via your favourite video chatting program. Pick a play, assign characters and take to the virtual stage.

The bake-along

Break out the eggs and flour for a virtual bake-along. Choose a recipe that everyone can make and video chat as you all bake it simultaneously. The sweet results make a great addition to a coffee and a chat.

The painting party

No artistic skill required – just pour yourself a drink and join your besties on Skype to flex your creative muscles. Choose an image for everyone to attempt, bust out the smocks and paints and while away the time with a paintbrush in hand and lots of laughs.

Boy painting rainbow on window
Person baking with laptop

The foreign language

Salut! Hola! Ciao! Say hello to learning a new language! Pair up with a friend and learn it together. Regular practice together over the phone will improve your skills and have you ready for that post-Covid trip you’re dreaming about.

The Olympic challenge

With the Tokyo Olympics postponed, 2020 could use some competitive sporting spirit. Make a list of physical feats, choose your method of scoring and assign an event to each day. All Olympians must film their effort in the daily event and submit it for scoring. Extra bored? Go the distance and create your own team names, uniforms or flags, host an opening ceremony, or even enact your own Olympic torch relay.

The bedtime story

Have nieces, nephews, grandchildren or other small children in your circle that you are missing? Give their parents or caregivers a break and reconnect with them by reading a long-distance bedtime story.

Women exercising watching laptop
Family talking on tablet

The surprise dinner

Think “secret Santa” but with food - everyone decides on a budget and orders their allocated person dinner. Await delivery and enjoy your surprise dinner with the whole group via video chat. You’ll support local restaurants and cafés that have been moved to delivery only and spend some quality time with your family or friends.

The fitness instructor

Don your best (or worst) active wear and lead a fitness class for your friends and family. Got no idea how to be a proper fitness instructor? It’s all about the effort - even if your workout isn’t great, it’ll get lots of laughs, so you’ll all still reap those mood-boosting benefits.

The writing adventure

If writing is more your style, start a communal story with your friends or family via email or text. Have everyone take turns in adding a sentence or paragraph to the story and see where your tale ends up.

The party vibes

Hark back to your glory days at the primary school disco and host a virtual dance party. Switch the lounge pyjamas for your favourite party outfit and dance the evening away with your mates – virtually, of course.

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