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Blended Learning Innovation Grant presentation and showcase

The 2018 recipients have now been selected and will be presenting their upcoming projects at the Learning and Innovation Showcase held on the 27 June 2018.

BLING recipients explore technology that can enhance their learning and teaching practices.

Last year, was our first round of Blended Learning Innovation Grants (BLINGs), where applicants were supported in projects that facilitate innovative learning, teaching, and assessment activities. Previous projects included,

  • Gaming software
  • Collaborating in online platforms
  • Capturing images of an object with 360 degree viewing
  • 3D spatial data modelling
  • Interactive whiteboards
  • Software systems for administering and scoring outcomes
  • Animation and storyboarding software
  • Digitized medical slides and library creation
  • 3D scanning objects
  • ePortfolios for veterinary work placement
  • Personalisation systems
  • 3D printing of anatomical models

See last year’s presentations.

We look forward to seeing the innovation that this year’s recipients are delving into.

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The Learning and Innovation Showcase

BLING recipients presented their upcoming projects

BLING recipients explore technology that can enhance their learning and teaching practices.

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Blended Learning Innovation Grants image

Blended Learning Innovation Grants (BLING)

Presentations and showcase

2018 BLING recipients will present their projects at the upcoming Learning and Innovation Showcase.

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Accessible Online Learning Content

Ensuring your content is accessible by people with disabilities

This includes visual, auditory, physical, speech, cognitive, language, learning, and neurological disabilities.

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The Transform Project

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In 2018 - 2019 you will see a transformation of JCU subject sites to Ultra.

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Learning Innovation Coffee Club (LICC)

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