Readings helps lecturers create and maintain reading lists for students and integrates copyright compliance seamlessly.


You can select from a wide range of sources regardless of format and will find that providing readings to your students through the readings.jcu.edu.au platform is a clear, consistent way of communicating to your students what to read, watch, or listen to fully participate in your class.


Subject coordinator.

Readings (Talis Aspire) has replaced the Reserve Online Digital Library (aka Masterfile) repository. The new Reading Lists will consist of curated collections of digital resources that can include links to subscription articles, documents, e-books, book chapters, media and websites.

Readings allows you and your students to make notes on items and indicate reading intentions. The dashboard for staff means you can see how your students are engaging with items you have suggested for them.

MOP Checkpoints

Minimum Online Presence (MOP) establishes a baseline standard for online delivery

Checkpoint 1 image

Checkpoint 1

Subject outline information is available in every subject site

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Checkpoint 2 image

Checkpoint 2

Learning activities and resources are accessible, equitable and responsive

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Checkpoint 3

Every subject contains a video introduction

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Checkpoint 4

Assessment tasks utilise Grades

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Checkpoint 5

Mediasite is the supported platform for all JCU lecture capture, media delivery and storage

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Checkpoint 6 image

Checkpoint 6

Activity Stream data is available for every subject

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Checkpoint 7

All essential learning and teaching communication associated with a subject is delivered via the subject site

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Checkpoint 8

Readings Lists link to authentic resources that are Copyright compliant

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