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Meet our dedicated staff, responsible for the operation of the TropEco program.

Sustainability Officer

I work with the TropEco team in driving a culture of sustainability at JCU. My role is to champion and support JCU's commitment to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. I also coordinate Green Impact, the University's staff sustainability program, as well as administer the Community Garden at our Cairns campus.

I am passionate about promoting and raising awareness of our award winning TropEco program as I believe it is important that we all have the opportunity to share in and celebrate our university's many sustainability successes.

Telephone +61 7 4232 1084

Email kerryn.oconor@jcu.edu.au

Estate Directorate - Cairns

Environmental Officer

I grew up in a rural setting and had the opportunity to hone my understanding of local flora and fauna as well as other features of the natural environment.  This was further developed by my studies at James Cook University which assisted in turning my life experiences into practical skills.

I believe in finding a balance between campus developments and Environmental conservation, as a result I enjoy the opportunity to impact not only large scale rehabilitation on campus but also detailed gardens. I also try to promote student and other academic input into the campus so a broad range of views and styles of environmental practices may be understood and adapted for the campus.

My position allows me to work on the realisation of the Townsville Campus Natural Asset Management Plan, rehabilitation, running the campus greenhouses to mass propagate target and endangered species, fauna and flora mapping and surveying and establishing threatened species recovery plans.  To a lesser extent I also play a role in engaging external environmental stakeholders, working on the Rotary community garden, sustainable campus landscaping implementation,  feral species eradication and working on the Environmental management plans.

Email brandan.espe@jcu.edu.au

Estate Directorate - Townsville