Our People

Meet our dedicated staff, responsible for the operation of the TropEco program.

Adam Connell

Manager, Environment

My role is to develop a culture of sustainability at JCU by implementing programs that actively involve staff and students through the TropEco program. We have a great opportunity at JCU to embed sustainable principles into all aspects of our operations, teaching, learning and research, which will help provide our future generation of leaders with the knowledge and capacity to make a difference in the real world.

I have always been passionate about the environment and am always looking for ways to reduce our environmental footprint. As the Environment Manager, I like to be actively involved in developing and running the various programs of TropEco so they have practical and real world benefits to staff and students.

Telephone +61 7 4781 5060

Email adam.connell@jcu.edu.au

Estate Directorate – Townsville

Kerryn O'Conor

Kerryn O'Conor, Sustainability Officer

Sustainability Officer

I work with Adam and the TropEco team in driving a culture of sustainability at JCU. My role is to encourage and support student and staff led sustainability initiatives and to facilitate the development and implementation of JCU's sustainability strategy. Based in our External Relations Unit, I am particularly focused on developing partnerships with the broader community, including community groups, businesses, industry and government organisations.

I am passionate about promoting and raising awareness of our award winning TropEco program as I believe it is important that we all have the opportunity to share in and celebrate our university's many sustainability successes.

Telephone +61 7 4232 1084

Email kerryn.oconor@jcu.edu.au

Division of Global Strategy and Engagement, External Relations

Marenn Sagar

Casual Sustainability Assistant - Cairns

Marenn Sagar is working with TropEco as a Sustainability Assistant on the Cairns Campus. Marenn is a Masters Student of Tropical Urban and Regional Planning, with a research focus on local food systems and regional rejuvenation. With an undergraduate degree in Sustainability (Majoring in social Science) and a practical qualification in Permaculture Design, Marenn lives and breathes sustainability.

Marenn’s key roles are to coordinate and develop a range of sustainability initiatives and programs on campus, and build partnerships that enable and engage active student and staff involvement with sustainability-based programs at JCU.

Telephone +61 7 4232 1244

Email: marenn.sagar@jcu.edu.au

Estate Directorate - Cairns

Kallum Jones

Casual Sustainability Assistant - Townsville

Kallum Jones is working with TropEco as a Sustainability Assistant on the Townsville Campus. His key roles are to maintain the Rotary Sunshine Community Garden and build relationships with students who use the garden, oversee the Bio-Regen food waste program, assist with the GIS mapping of environmental data, and assist the development of a Natural Assets Management Plan for the Townsville Campus. Prior to working for TropEco, Kallum had undertaken over 250 hours of volunteer work with TropEco, working on mapping food and Indigenous use plants on the Townsville Campus.

Email kallum.jones@jcu.edu.au

Estate Directorate - Townsville