JCU Cairns Community Garden - ‘Mayi Tjulbin Ma Bugarra'

Welcome to the JCU Cairns Community Garden webpage. Here you will find all of the informationpineapple & passionfruit you need about PNG Workshop CNSthe garden and how you can get involved.

To stay up to date with what is happening at the garden, including upcoming events, visit the JCU Community of Gardeners or TropEco Facebook pages.

All visitors to the garden must wear enclosed shoes. BYO hat, long sleeve shirt, sun-screen, insect repellent and water.

You must be inducted prior to gardening or volunteering at the site - please see below for details.

Thank you to Djabugay Traditional Owners for giving our garden its language name, ‘Mayi Tjulbin Ma Bugarra'. The name means food and fruits, vegetables, trees and berries from the rainforest and covers all the clans of the Djabugay Nation.

Anyone wishing to garden or volunteer at the site must first participate in a Community Garden Induction. The induction is a compulsory session, introducing gardeners to the site including operational requirements and the responsibilities of all garden users.

Please email tropeco@jcu.edu.au to organise your induction.

There are many ways that you can get involved in the garden.

Join the JCU Community of Gardeners Club

You can become a member of the Community of Gardeners, a JCU Student Association affiliated Club. To find out more visit the Club's Facebook page or contact them directly at jcucommunitygarden@gmail.com.

Come to an eventCG Movie night Cairns2017

TropEco and the Community of Gardeners Club hold regular events at the garden throughout semester time. Come and join us at one of our workshops, planting days, BBQs, picnics, harvest parties or film nights. Events at the garden are a great way to meet new people and have fun. Check out the Community of Gardeners Facebook page to find out what's coming up.

Or maybe you would like to host your own event at the garden? Contact tropeco@jcu.edu.au to find out how.

Garden at your leisure

Once you have been inducted to the site, you can come to the garden at any time and garden at your leisure. The induction is a compulsory briefing session for all new garden users, introducing gardeners to the site including operational requirements and responsibilities. Email tropeco@jcu.edu.au to book your induction.

Our community garden is located at JCU's Campus at Smithfield in Cairns - please see the campus map for the exact location of the garden. Visit the JCU Cairns Campus Parking webpage for information about parking at the Cairns. Nguma-bada Campus, including free and paid parking areas and parking fees.

JCU Community Garden Working Group

The JCU Cairns Community Garden is governed by the Community Garden Working Group. The purpose of the Working Group is to report and provide recommendations to the Dean of Research Infrastructure, who is responsible for the Environmental Research Complex (ERC) where the garden is located.

The Working Group is comprised of representatives of JCU staff and students as follows:

  • a JCU staff member that is involved in the Garden (likely from the TropEco sustainability team),
  • a representative of the JCU Student Association,
  • a representative of the Community of Gardeners Club (a JCU Student Association affiliated Club), and
  • a staff member from the Estate Directorate

The Objectives of the Working Group are to:

  1. Provide a community inclusive garden facility within the JCU governance structure.
  2. Provide advice on the strategic development and long term management of the garden.
  3. Oversee the ongoing maintenance and upkeep of the garden.
  4. Foster awareness and involvement by the campus and Cairns communities.
  5. Ensure effective feedback and communication between the Working Group, garden stakeholders and JCU decision makers.

Operational Requirements

The James Cook University (JCU) Cairns Community Garden Operational Guidelines provide an overarching guide for the responsible management and use of the Community Garden located at JCU’s Cairns, Nguma-bada Campus. The Guidelines are a working draft document that is updated as required.

  • All site users must comply with the rules, procedures and processes outlined in the Operational Guidelines for the site, including the Community Garden Code of Conduct (Section 4 of the Guidelines).
  • Access to the Community Garden is restricted to official Opening Times (Section 5 of the Guidelines).
  • The Garden will generally be unsupervised, including during official Opening Times; children must be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times.
  • Smoking is prohibited.
  • Major and public events must be pre-approved by the Community Garden Working Group, including provisions for the consumption of alcohol at the garden. Contact tropeco@jcu.edu.au
  • The consumption of alcohol at the Garden is only allowed during approved events and must adhere to the JCU Consumption of Alcohol on University Property policy and procedure. See the JCU website for information and an application form.
  • Unauthorised animals are not allowed on site. This rule does not apply to Guide, Hearing and Assistance Dogs as defined under the Guide, Hearing and Assistance Dogs Act 2009.
  • Unauthorised activities such as parties or sleep-outs are not allowed.
  • No illegal activities.
  • Camping is prohibited.
  • No amenity and noise disturbance (loud music etc.)
  • Non-compliance with these rules will result in permanent loss of the offender’s Community Garden Membership and / or access rights to the Garden.
  • Illegal activity will be prosecuted.