Rotary Sunshine Edible Garden

Rotary Sunshine Edible Garden - Townsville

Rotary community garden.

The Townsville campus supports a thriving community garden at the Rotary International College. The Sunshine Edible Garden is promoted for use by all JCU students and staff, as well as JCU alumni.

The garden has been developed to showcase a large diversity of tropical and subtropical trees and crops, and is managed by TropEco, with assistance of student clubs.

The soils used in the garden are primarily derived from composed JCU food and green waste, and the site relies heavily on the promotion of healthy soil, as opposed to synthetic fertilisers.

Among the gardens collection are also a wide range of bush tucker species from all over QLD.

people in the edible garden.

Pest insects in the garden are controlled with biological controls, such as released lady beetle larvae and specialised friendly wasp who target caterpillars

Community members are welcome to visit the garden provided they follow a few simple rules:

  • Keep the gate shut - our resident wallabies love to get in and scratch up the garden, please keep them out.
  • Please be respectful of the garden's users. If you help out in the garden you are welcome to take produce, but only take what you need and make sure you leave some for others.
  • Stay safe - please wear enclosed shoes, appropriate clothing to protect you from the sun and bugs, and don't leave anything lying around that could pose a hazard to others.

For more information on the garden or to get involved please contact TropEco.