TropEco Interns

The TropEco Interns Program is for JCU students who want to actively contribute to a brighter future, and learn and exchange valuable skills and knowledge. To learn more about the TropEco Interns program and how you can get involved check out our TropEco Interns page.

2018 TropEco Interns - certifications

TropEco would like to congratulate the following TropEco Interns who have completed their internships in 2018.


  • Katie Allison
  • Liz Hauck
  • Jacob Hancock
  • Sean Browne
  • Ciara Bridgland
  • Sarah Gibson
  • Dale Tony Perkins
  • Steven Williams


  • Alison Celigoi
  • Sierra Mahoney
  • Olivia Post


  • Emmely Vigsoe
  • Edward Price
  • Astrid Mackegard Hansson
  • Julia Singer
  • Raven Wright
  • Kira Brereton


  • Teagan Tretter

TropEco Intern testimonials

Hear from our Interns about their experience in the TropEco Interns program.