TropEco Interns

TropEco Interns make a positive contribution to sustainability and gain skills and knowledge to implement sustainability programs at JCU, in the workplace, or in the community. By participating in the TropEco Interns program you receive Certification for your efforts and join a growing number of students making a difference towards a sustainable future.

Applying for a TropEco Internship is easy. Just follow the steps below to get started.

  1. Read the information about the Interns program on this webpage.
  2. Check out the list of available TropEco Intern projects for your campus and choose one that interests you.
  3. Complete the TropEco Interns Application Form.
  4. Email the completed form to
  5. One of our TropEco staff members will contact you to discuss your Internship placement.

To apply for a TropEco Internship, you must be a JCU student, currently studying at either our Cairns or Townsville campuses.

We have put together a list of projects that Interns can undertake at our Townsville and Cairns campuses. Have a look for your campus below and see if there's an Intern project that interests you.

Can't see a project you want to get involved in but have an idea of your own?  Talk to one of the TropEco team to see if it is suitable as an Intern project. If it is, we will get you started.

TropEco Interns can gain different levels of certification based on their achievements and hours volunteered. The table below shows the various certification levels available to Interns. Once you complete your Internship we will provide a final certification. All Interns will be presented with a certificate at the TropEco Awards ceremony, usually held in October, or as required. The certification looks great on your resume and will be looked upon favourably by future employers.TE Intern Levels

Hear from some of our previous Interns about their experience in the TropEco Interns program.

TropEco congratulates the following students for successfully completing their Internships in 2018 & 2019.

All Interns are formally acknowledged and receive a certificate of completion at the Annual TropEco Awards events held in Townsville and Cairns.

Professional Level Accreditation


  • Holly Acquisito
  • Laura Campbell
  • Amber Kellett
  • Julian Weimar


  • Katie Allison
  • Liz Hauck
  • Jacob Hancock
  • Sean Browne
  • Ciara Bridgland
  • Sarah Gibson
  • Dale Tony Perkins
  • Steven Williams

Expert Level Accreditation


  • Jaala Smith
  • Richard Benson
  • Sophia Frohberg
  • Sara Good-Chanmugam


  • Alison Celigoi
  • Sierra Mahoney
  • Olivia Post

Advanced Level Accreditation


  • Christina Baldwin
  • Joshua Curry
  • Erin Sheehy


  • Emmely Vigsoe
  • Edward Price
  • Astrid Mackegard Hansson
  • Julia Singer
  • Raven Wright
  • Kira Brereton

Standard Accreditation


  • Millicent Nicholls


  • Teagan Tretter