Sustainable Office Accreditation

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Staff play a key role in embedding a culture of sustainability at JCU and the success of JCU in achieving its sustainability goals relies on all staff taking responsibility for their actions. To support this, TropEco has created a Sustainable Office Accreditation program that recognises the efforts of staff to embed sustainable practices in their everyday operations.

Sustainable Office Accreditation Program

The Sustainable Office Accreditation program can be undertaken by any JCU College, Office or Research Centre and provides a flexible framework for implementing sustainability activities. Upon accreditation, your area will be recognised with a certificate and publication of the accreditation results in TropEco News and on the TropEco website. Prizes will also be awarded each year for the best performing areas at the annual TropEco Awards. 

How does it work?

Points are awarded for different office initiatives and activities and there are four levels of accreditation achievable:

Bronze - 100 points achieved

Silver - 200 points achieved

Gold - 300 points achieved

Platinum - 400 points achieved

How can we participate?

To participate, a College, Office or Research Centre must appoint at least one Sustainability Champion who will be responsible for coordinating the accreditation process. Once a Sustainability Champion is nominated you can commence the accreditation process by contacting TropEco. TropEco staff will assist you in implementing initiatives in your area that will contribute to your accreditation.