TropEco Awards & Recognition Green Impact @JCU Awards 2019

Green Impact @JCU Awards 2019

Which team won JCU's inaugural Green Impact Staff Sustainability Challenge?

Green Impact is a fun and engaging sustainability program that was introduced at JCU's Cairns and Townsville campuses in 2019. Over 150 JCU staff competed across 24 teams completing a range of sustainability actions for points.


OIC (Oh, I Compost) – 510 points (eResearch Centre, Townsville)

Team OIC spearheaded JCU’s ‘War on eWaste’ as part of the Green Impact challenge. They have successfully re-purposed discarded eWaste, recovering over $11,000 worth of equipment that had been thrown into bins. These were items that were surplus to someone’s needs, rather than actual waste. Most of these items have been reused at JCU with some donated to charity to support worthy causes. Team OIC also acquired a team bicycle to get around on campus, shared home-grown produce between staff members, greatly improved their area’s recycling, including making a very funny instructional video on putting the right thing in the right bin.

The Composters – 510 points (Estate Directorate, Townsville)

Despite only joining the Green Impact challenge in July, The Composters hit the ground running, proving their commitment to sustainability and their competitive streak from the get-go! Employing a strategy of humour to engage colleagues, activity highlights included organising a Stress Down Day where staff were encouraged to wear slippers and bring 'Dad' jokes to work, a clean-up event of the community garden at Rotary House, a tour of the Townsville campus nursery and a dedicated campaign to encourage staff to turn off lights and electrical devices when not in use - “You don’t need an electrical engineering degree to turn off a switch”. Check out The Composters video to find out more about what they did as part of the Green Impact challenge.

HONORABLE MENTIONS (all scoring above 400 points) 

Green Thumbs – 470 points

(Indigenous Education & Research Centre – Townsville)

Clean Green Library Machine – 405 points

(Library Team covered both campuses)

Green Minions – 400 points

(Student Complaints and Quality Improvement and FaBS, Cairns)


Shannon Harmon

Client Services Librarian, the Clean Green Library Machine


Green Thumbs

Indigenous Education & Research Centre, Townsville

The Green Tree Frogs

Learning, Teaching and Student Engagement, Cairns & Townsville

Teams that achieved GOLD level in 2019:

  • OIC (Oh, I Compost), eResearch Centre
  • The Green Tree Frogs, Learning, Teaching and Student Engagement, Cairns & Townsville
  • Green Minions, Student Complaints and Quality Improvement and FaBS, Cairns
  • Green Thumbs, Indigenous Education & Research Centre – Townsville
  • The Composters, Estate Directorate, Townsville
  • Clean Green Library Machine, JCU Library, Townsville & Cairns

Teams that achieved SILVER level in 2019:

  • Makin' an Impact, Student Services Directorate, Townsville
  • The Bio-degradable Trashbags, College of Business, Law and Governance, Cairns
  • reCIcle, The Cairns Institute
  • Accredited Tree Huggers, The Australian Tropical Herbarium, Cairns
  • People Power, Human Resources, Townsville
  • Student Association Team Protea, Student Association, Cairns

Teams that achieved BRONZE level in 2019:

  • GReen frogS, Graduate Research School, Townsville & Cairns
  • Sustainabuddies, Student Services Directorate, Cairns
  • The Sun Birds, Marketing, Cairns
  • Jimmy and the C Offsets, Office of the Chief of Staff, Townsville
  • The WHOCCers, Nursing and Midwifery, Cairns

Team that is Working Towards Accreditation:

  • Waste Busters, Nursing & Midwifery, Townsville