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2011 TropEco Award winners

2011 TropEco Sustainability Awards

Janet Dearden for the TropEco Excellence Award

Janet was instrumental in developing the Environmental Sustainability Action Plan 2012-2014 for the USD, which has now been used as the template for the FaRP Environmental Sustainability Action Plan 2012-2014, meaning the two Divisions responsible for operational control over JCU have plans ready for implementation in 2012.

Janet implemented a scheme for staff to be able to donate through salary sacrifice to charity organisations, specifically the Cassowary Fund through the Rainforest Foundation.

As part of her studies completing a Graduate Certificate in Sustainability at Swinburne, Janet and her study group developed a comprehensive change management plan for the implementation of the Bio-Regen unit, soon to be installed in Uni Halls kitchen. This unit will divert up to half a tonne of food waste from landfill each week, which will then be converted to a bio-fertiliser to be used on JCU grounds to improve soil and plant health and water holding capacity. Without this background work it is unlikely the unit would have been implemented in the near future.

Janet has also been influential in asking JCU to move to recycled content paper and has provided information on how we could go about implementing this.

She is also an active volunteer with other environmental organisations in Townsville such as NQCC.

Troy Morris - Outstanding Contribution Award - Staff

Troy is a quiet achiever who, through his hard work and expertise, has resulted in hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of electricity savings this year. His work with managing energy efficiency through our building and energy management system and his development of regimes for the Central District Cooling System has shown impressive savings on energy use. Much of this goes unnoticed by the JCU community. Troy also recently completed an energy auditor’s qualification as part of his extended studies.

Mathew Townsend - Outstanding Contribution Award - Student

Mathew has been a strong student voice for TropEco and sustainability this year and has been the Green Rep for University Halls as well as a student Green Rep since the launch of TropEco. He has worked hard to implement several initiatives within his college even in the face of many setbacks and lack of enthusiasm from the other residents. Mathew has organised two clean up days for the college, a second hand store for second semester O-Week with all the unwanted items from students moving out midyear, has tried to educate residents on correct recycling and has volunteered at many of the TropEco events held this year.

Adella Edwards - Best initiative

Adella Edwards form the Bicycle Users Group was instrumental in organising the Ride to Work Day breakfast in collaboration with the newly formed Townsville Hospital BUG. Over 120 JCU staff and students and 85 hospital employees registered for the day. As president of the JCU BUG, Adella has also been influential in promoting the benefits of cycling on campus over several years.

TropEco Shield

First Semester - Western Courts for the Low Carbon Diet Challenge

Second Semester - St Mark’s College - for Recycling and Waste

The college’s Green Rep to come up and accept the trophy together - Mina Mina from Western Courts and Nick Thomas from St Mark’s College

Janet Millington – Best initiative by any staff or student member

Janet completed her Law degree in Cairns in 2011 and has been active in TropEco events, is a member of the Cairns Campus Community Garden Working Group and has meet regularly with the Cairns Environmental Coordinator to discuss campus sustainability initiatives.  An expert in Permaculture, Janet is the author of “Transition Towns” which outlines the importance of growing food locally in a resource-constrained future.

Janet was instrumental in ensuring world-renowned environmental lawyer and activist, Polly Higgins visited Cairns during her Australian and New Zealand tour.  Author of “Eradicating Ecocide” Polly has proposed making Ecocide a crime under United Nations International Criminal Law.

TropEco in association with Janet and the Cairns Real Food Network hosted a 2 hour public lecture at JCU Cairns on 12 September attended by 110 people.  The lecture was recorded and uploaded to the TropEco website and also sent to Polly for use in her Eradicating Ecocide campaign.

Emma Baker - best contribution by a student

Emma is completing her 3rd year at Cairns and has worked for Cairns Student Association during her studies.  Emma has been active in promoting recycling and other TropEco events to students on campus. Emma volunteered to assist TropEco with being the onsite technician for the Envirobank.   Emma has also worked on promotional posters for TropEco events and has been a consistent advocate for sustainability on campus.

Eric Wilson - best contribution by a staff member

Eric is the Cairns president of the Bicycle Users Group and worked with TropEco to hold the first Ride to Campus event for Cairns on 9 September.  Eric is a strong advocate for sustainable transport, in particular raising issues faced by cyclists riding to campus.  Eric is an active member of the Cairns Campus Community Garden Working Group and has provided input and suggestions for improving sustainability on campus.