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Recycling & Waste at JCU

JCU is committed to minimising waste to landfill and maximising reuse and recycling where possible. We have developed a range of resources to help students and staff better understand how they can manage their own waste on campus. The JCU Waste and Recycling Procedures below provide a comprehensive and easy to navigate guide on waste management at JCU.

JCU is fighting a War on Waste campaign to reduce waste to landfill and increase recycling rates. Check out the War on Waste webpage for more info.

All you need to know about recycling and waste at JCU

JCU 2021 Waste and Recycling Procedures

JCU composts food scraps and organic materials from staff rooms, student kitchens and cafes, in the community garden on the Cairns campus and the ground swell facility on the Townsville campus. These facilities produce compost for use in the community gardens on campus. For more information or to get involved in the program contact [email protected]

JCU was the first University in Australia to implement the Warp It furniture reuse system. Using the program has saved JCU over $170,000 in just two years. Learn more.