Office Ecobins

JCU has implemented the Ecobin system as a coordinated, easy to use and visually appealing way to reduce waste to landfill from our offices.

Every year JCU sends nearly 1,000 tonnes of waste to landfill, with office paper and other recyclables making up a significant proportion of this. The Ecobin system encourages staff to think about their waste and recycle their paper. Over 80% of office waste is made up of paper.

The Cairns Campus has moved entirely to Ecobins in their offices and Townsville is transitioning to the Ecobin system with over 2000 bins already distributed on the campus.

TropEco has a limited supply of these trendy office EcoBins available upon request.

All you need to do is swap your existing rubbish bin and you will receive a waste mini bin and desk side paper recycle bin.

If you would like the Ecobins for your office please contact TropEco.

Mini binDesk side paper bin

Who collects my bin?

The red mini waste bin will be collected by cleaning staff at the same frequency as your current desk side bin.

The paper bin needs to be emptied by you, into a paper recycle bin usually located near your communal printer.