Cycling at JCU

Cycling at JCU

JCU is the perfect place to ride your bike, with good access to both the Townsville and Cairns campuses from most locations. Our campuses have ample bike parking and shower facilities, a wide network of paths and bike lanes, low cost bike mechanic services and a Bicycle Users Group on both campuses to provide support to cyclists.

Students and staff are encouraged to travel by bicycle to the Townsville and Cairns campuses. You can forget the hassle of looking for a car park, get fit, save money, and appreciate the beautiful surroundings of North Queensland.

Planning your route


If you live near the Ross River, there are excellent bike paths that can get you to campus while avoiding traffic. The below routes can help you plan your own route.

Townsville bikeways map

Townsville cycling information and map

Strand to JCU route

Upper Ross to JCU route


Cairns Regional Council has some excellent maps to help you find the best and safest route to campus from wherever you live.

Cairns City Council Website

Where can I park my bike?

Designated bike parking racks are located next to most major buildings on the Cairns and Townsville Campuses.

Townsville Campus Interactive Map

Cairns Campus Interactive Map

Secure End of Ride facilities

Secure bike parking facilities are available next to the Eddie Koiki Mabo Library and at the Medical Precinct behind the Padua Lecture Theatre in Townsville. Swipe card access is required to use this parking, which can be obtained by downloading the form and taking it to the Security office in the Student Mall.

ATSIP staff can also access secure bike parking at the Southern side of the building.

Bike workshop and mechanic services

JCU provides free or low cost bike mechanic services on the Townsville and Cairns Campuses for students and staff. Check out the JCU Bicycle Workshop website put together by bike mechanic Santiago Calero that gives an overview of the history and activities conducted by the workshop.


The Townsville bike workshop is located at the Library end of ride facility, at the Eastern end of the library. Drop in and see our resident bike mechanics Issara and Ulrik.

2018 Semester 2 workshop hours are:

  • Monday - 8am - 12pm
  • Tuesday - 8 - 10am
  • Wednesday - 8am - 12pm
  • Thursday - 9am - 12pm
  • Friday - 9 - 11am


The Cairns bicycle workshop is located behind the Crowther Theatre. Drop in during workshop hours to see our resident mechanic Darcy.

2018 Semester 2 workshop hours are:

  • Tuesday and Thursday - 2-5pm

Shower locations

Because of our tropical environment, riding to JCU can become a sweaty affair. But don’t let this discourage you. JCU has many public showers available to allow you to freshen up.

Townsville Campus Shower locations

Cairns Campus Shower locations

Green Bike Fleet Program

The Green Bike Fleet program also provides affordable second hand bikes to students, but you will need to be quick as they sell out early each semester.

Halls of Residence bike hire program

TropEco has a Bike Share program at three colleges on the Townsville Campus.

The program provides free day hire to JCU college residents. Bicycles are available for hire from Uni Halls, George Roberts Hall and Rotary International for a $20 security deposit. All you need to bring is a helmet.

Join the JCU BUG

JCU has an active Bicycle Users Group called the JCU BUG. Membership is free and allows you to have your say on issues that affect bicycle users at JCU. It’s also a great way to meet fellow bicycle users and get involved in the various activities occurring in North Queensland.

For those interested in the Cairns JCU BUG check out their facebook page.

Bike workstation
Cycling at entry