Green Bike Fleet Program

Green Bike Fleet program

JCU's award winning Green Bike Fleet program repairs second hand bikes and sells them at low cost to JCU students. The program provides affordable and convenient transport, saves energy, reduces carbon emissions, improves health, improve resource efficiency and reduce waste. To date the project has refurbished and sold over 260 bikes.

Watch our video below to learn about our Internationally recognised, award winning Green Bike Fleet program.

How do I buy a Green Bike?


Due to the popularity of the program bikes are often in short supply. At the start of each semester a fleet of bikes are sold with first preference given to new International students as the program is an International Office initiative. Students wishing to purchase a green bike should visit the JCU bike workshop during opening hours or contact for more details.


JCU is looking to expand the Green Bike Fleet program to Cairns in 2016. Additional information will be provided here once the program is running and updates will also be available on the TropEco facebook page.

How do I donate my bike?

If you would like to donate a bike to the program please contact Students wishing to return their Green Bike are eligible for a $20 reimbursement provided the bike is in good working order. For details on how to obtain a reimbursement please contact

The JCU Green Bike Fleet project is a collaboration between James Cook International, TropEco and the Bicycle Users Group and was made possible through the JCU Action for Sustainability Fund.