A total of six CTBCC students were awarded grants from the Skyrail Rainforest Foundation, including:

  • Pauline Lenacker - Yellow Crazy Ant reproduction
  • Melinda Greenfield - Interactions among fungi, ants, and the ant-plant Mymecodia beccarii
  • Rismita Sari - Phylogeny and Biogeography of Australian Garcinia (Clusiaceae)
  • Denise McGregor - Climate adaptations of Greater gliders
  • Rebecca Riggs - Optimising conservation and development trade-offs in rural Cambodia
  • Irwan Lovadi - Nitrogen economy of the vulnerable rainforest sundew Drosera schizandra

Additionally, CTBCC student Jenny Cocciardi won the 2017 Wiley Fundamental Ecology award from the Ecological Society of Australia.

Congratulations all!