With over 40 highly recognised and cited researchers, our Centre represents a dynamic mix of research scientists covering a broad range of expertise and collaborations, engaged in both pure and applied research.

Researchers at the Centre provide services in data collection, analysis and reporting of information and knowledge for stakeholders in a range environmental areas. Researchers are also currently undertake investigations on how to best record, store, and display this information on a number of platforms.

Ultimately we aim to engage with students and stakeholders and enable transfer of services and knowledge to ensure a sustainable future for tropical biodiversity.

We have capabilities in:

Biodiversity Futures

Providing knowledge and understanding to inform management, policy and development goals

More than 40% of the world’s population live in the Tropics and it is home to over 80% of the world’s biodiversity. These conflicting priorities will mean that the Tropics will face challenging and complex issues over the next century.

Biodiversity is often used as an indicator of ecosystem health and has been shown to have direct links to human health. For these reasons it is essential that we understand the processes and factors which ensure biodiversity is sustained into the future.

Team leader: Prof. Lin Schwarzkopf

Big Data

Focusing on advancing analytics and data-mining to better understand drivers of biodiversity and environmental change across spatial and temporal scales.

Big Data is an encompassing term for data that is so large and complex that it is difficult to process using traditional methods.
Areas of Big Data that this research team work with are:

  • Data capture via Custom sensors, citizen science, data portals & ingestors
  • Data storage via HPC and QrisCloud
  • Data management
  • Analytics; creating custom analysis and software
  • Transformation and visualization; Custom transformation and engagement websites
  • Sharing with online mapping of research for:
    • Policy makers and managers – CliMAS
    • General public – Wallace Initiative & WTMA maps
    • Citizen science & outreach – Edgar

Team leader: Dr. Jeremy Vanderwal


Ensuring mobility and effective translation of research outcomes between industry, academia and government

  • Mentoring programs and skills training for students and stakeholder such as field monitoring skills and analysis of biological data
  • Publicly accessible research such as data portals and public engagement websites
  • Knowledge transfer via Scientific Advisory Boards, attendance of governmental panels and writing of biodiversity plans etc
  • International research programs for biodiversity such as SE Asian initiative (SEARRP, SAFE, ITB UMSabah)

Team leader Prof Simon Robson