Karin Gerhardt

Portrait of Karin Gerhardt

A holistic approach to shark fisheries science and management: The role of contemporary Indigenous knowledge

Karin is currently undertaking her PhD by collaborating with Traditional Owners in Far North Queensland, looking at the cultural significance of sharks and rays and mapping Indigenous knowledge. Her project concept came about through the many discussions she had with Traditional Owners while working at the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority in the Indigenous Partnerships group.  Traditional Owners expressed their frustration at not being involved properly in management decisions affecting their sea country, despite having the expertise and knowledge about everything connected to their environment. This project also looks at the different views and experiences that shark scientists and managers have regarding the use of Indigenous knowledge in their work, but mainly explores the breadth of knowledge that Traditional Owners have around sharks and rays.

Karin’s career background includes marine park management, environmental assessment and working with saltwater Traditional Owners on sea country management issues. She has extensive training and experience in setting up monitoring and evaluation (M&E) frameworks for projects and is currently interested in Design thinking and its application to project development.