Michael Grant

Michael Grant dressed in dive equipment

Biology and Conservation of Elasmobranchs in non-marine environments; A Focus on Papua New Guinea

Michael has studied a Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Marine Biology at JCU - Townsville. His honours focused on the life history and demography of silky sharks in the central west Pacific region. The project was supervised by Prof. Colin Simpfendorfer and Dr. Andrew Chin.

Currently Michael is undertaking a PhD, studying the biology and conservation of elasmobranchs in non-marine environments. This project is supported by a Save Our Seas Foundation Keystone Grant: Investigation into the status of sawfishes (Pristidae) in Papua New Guinea. Additionally he is interested in the biology of river sharks (Glyphis spp.) and other ray species found in northern Australia and Papua New Guinea region. His thesis aims to (1) survey the status of non-marine elasmobranch fauna in PNG and (2) Provide insights on elasmobranchs that use non-marine environments throughout ontogenetic development in the interest of their conservation.

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