Novel Aquatic Products and Applications

Theme Leader Andrew Cole

Culture systems provide the ability to develop a wide range of novel products for human, animal and plant use. This includes the ability to utilise waste streams from industrial and agricultural systems to provide remediation and access to resources. Researchers from the Novel Aquatic Products and Applications Program are world leaders in the development of novel products using both micro and macro algae for food, energy and health products.

Dr Andrew Cole Centre for Macroalgal Resources and Biotechnology (MACRO)

Our Research Focus

James Cook University has been a world leader in the research and development of macroalgae for more than 14 years and over this period has been a leading international source of high-quality research for the integrated production of macroalgae for the bioremediation of wastewaters.

Both marine and freshwater macroalgae are bio-resources that can be produced through an integrated process with the treatment of waste waters from aquaculture, agriculture, municipal water treatment, and industrial, mining and mineral processing. Our research and development focuses on the integrated production of macroalgae with existing industries for bioremediation (treating waste streams), utilising carefully selected marine and freshwater species. Subsequently, we focus on the development and delivery of valuable bio-products and biotechnologies, based on the unique biochemistry and properties of macroalgae. Our ultimate goal is to develop and commercialise marine and freshwater macroalgae for products ranging from human food and food ingredients (phycocolloids) through to nutraceuticals, animal feeds, fertilisers, biochar and bioenergy.

Current Research Projects

  • Biorefinery
  • Human health and nutrition
  • Fertilisers and biostimulants
  • Animal health and nutrition
  • Municipal wastewater treatment