Seafood, Health and Allergens

Theme Leader Andreas Lopata

This research team uses cutting-edge approaches in characterising the interactions of immunogenic proteins from different food sources including fish, crustacean, mollusc and parasites with the human immune system leading to allergic and inflammatory reactions. The outcomes of these research activities translate into the development of novel diagnostics and platform knowledge for immunotherapeutics.

Our Research Focus

Almost half of the world’s population have allergies to one or more common environmental and/or food allergens. The allergic reaction is triggered by the activation of IgE(antibody)-binding cells, via specific receptors, in the exposed tissues leading to a series of cellular and immunological responses that are characteristic of an allergy reaction. The investigation of allergens and immunologic responses has moved to a more molecular approach to develop advanced strategies of detecting and treating allergy. The characterisation and generation of recombinant allergens are fundamental for the development of novel and improved diagnostics and future immunotherapeutics. The expertise in molecular and immuno-biochemical techniques has been applied in a range of international industry focuses and multidisciplinary seafood research areas. Current research projects involve national and international collaborators including South Africa, Germany, Norway, Japan and Canada.

Specialty expertise areas

  • Seafood Allergen identification and molecular characterisation
  • Development of allergen diagnostics
  • Marine Biotoxins analysis
  • Marine Parasites
  • Biomarkers in Aquaculture Research

Current Research Projects

  • Bio-molecular studies for improved diagnosis and management of Australian children with fish allergy
  • Improved allergy diagnostics for adults and children in Far North Queensland with shellfish allergy
  • Adverse reactions to seafood: Molecular and immunological approaches in managing an Australasian epidemic
  • Hypoallergenic proteins as novel immunotherapeutic candidates for food seafood allergy
  • Tackling long-term food and seafood allergy among children to recurrent tropical allergens
  • Epidemiological studies on adverse reactions to seafood in Vietnam

Our Team

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Theme Leader

Andreas Lopata

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