CSTFA Study Options Available PhD Opportunities

Available PhD Opportunities

We always welcome applications from prospective PhD students

If there are no advertised postgraduate projects please send us an email at cstfa@jcu.edu.au. Tell us why you are interested in our research and include a copy of your CV.

Research Projects on offer: 15 August 2019 - Active

  • Role of toxin genes in juvenile pearl oyster mortality syndrome
  • Family composition of grouper spawns and EBV estimation for traits - Honours or Masters
  • Maturation performance of sex-changed barramundi - Masters
  • Testing performance of polyphenols on growth performance in barramundi - Masters
  • Microbiomes in barramundi - Masters or PhD
  • Anitoiotic Microbial Resistance (AMRS) in Australian aquaculture - PhD
  • CRISPR knockout of myostatin, colour, DMRT, DND in barramundi - PhD

Download more information (PDF, 127 KB)

Contact: aquaculture@jcu.edu.au

Research Projects on offer: 12 July 2019 - Active

  • Developing genetic tools for establishing seafood provenance (Strategic Scholarship).
  • Combating summer mortality in abalone: can a little bit of stress be beneficial?

Download more information (PDF, 656 KB)

Contact: jan.strugnell@jcu.edu.au