Maths at University

This series of videos introduces JCU students from different courses, such as accounting, physics, and sport and exercise science. They describe how maths was important during their studies, and in their future careers.

Science graduate Josh Davidson

Even though Josh didn’t enjoy maths at school, he studied for his PhD in physics, researching renewable energies. He is now the Deputy Director of the Centre for Ocean Energy Research in Ireland.

Biomechanics graduate Sara Brice

Sara completed her PhD in biomechanics following a science degree. She talks about how maths is used in sport and exercise science.

Physics graduate Lachlan McKinna

Lachlan completed his PhD in physics which involved satellite sensing of water quality in the Great Barrier Reef. He is now an oceanographer/software engineer for NASA.

Engineering and Economics graduate John Osborne

John worked as an engineer and then went back to university to study economics. He is now the managing director of Osborne Aviation.

Science graduate Greg Boyle

Greg has recently completed his PhD in physics and was one of only a few PhD students in Australia invited to attend the 2016 Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting in Germany.

Business graduate Danielle Pegler

Danielle talks about using maths while studying for her double major in accounting and financial management.