VAVS Home Help 134-021 group table

134-021 group table

There are eight group tables each seating 9 students in room 134-021

134-021 group table

The tables are numbered with Table 1 located immediately to the left as you enter the room, subsequently incremented by 1 in a clockwise direction around the room.The nine chairs allocated to each group table also have a unique colour for separation purposes.

The group table is fitted with the following equipment/controls

  • Flat Screen Monitor – wall mounted adjacent to the table

  • Desktop PCs (3x) – below the table top

  • Wacom tablets (3x) with stylus pens  – on the table top - the content can be pushed to the group table monitor by using the button control on the table; the content can also be shared on all the monitors in the room from the touch panel at the lectern.

  • Computer keyboards (3x) – on table top

  • VGA cable for laptop (1x) – on the table

  • AV 8-button control – on the table