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VAVS Home Help 134-132 group table

134-132 group table

There are eight group tables throughout room 134-130 and 132, each seating 6 students

The tables are numbered with Table 1 located immediately to the left as you enter the room, subsequently incremented by 1 in a clockwise direction around the room.

The group table is fitted with the following equipment/control

  • Flat Panel Displays – wall mounted

  • An HDMI cable with adaptors are provided for the connection of a student laptop to the wall mounted display.

  • AV button control - wall mounted below the display

    extron button ctrl
    Press the Laptop button to show a laptop connected at the table on the display (lecturer must set AV system to enable  Student Display on the touch panel at the lectern). PC button is lit when content (PC, document camera, Wireless Presenter) is pushed to all displays from the lectern.