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ARC Centre of Excellence

Sir George Fisher Research Building

Building 32 Room 114

Videoconferencing Room

12 October 2010



Left Display

Right Display


Tandberg Codec

Upon entering the room, the two flat panel displays and the Tandberg Codec are normally in standby mode. For system management purposes, the codec and screens need to be powered on at all times.

To activate the screens pick up the Tandberg Remote Control and press the

OK button. Both screens will display the ARC splash screen.

Panel Inputs:

If there is nothing at all on the displays, make sure they have power switched on and are set to the correct input. The panel to your left should be set to input VIDEO (use the TV remote control to change input) and the panel to your right should be set to RGB/HV. A little green light to your left on the front indicates the Tandberg Codec is powered on. If not, the switch is on the right hand side at the rear of the codec.

Camera Control:

The camera is attached to the Tandberg Codec and can be manipulated with the Tandberg Remote Control. To see the current camera setting press the SELFVIEW button on the Tandberg Remote. Use the arrows situated on the rim outside the OK button on the Tandberg remote to PAN and TILT or the ZOOM + or buttons. Press the SELFVIEW button again to get back to the menu.

Connect a Videoconference Call:

  1. Press the ADDRESS BOOK button and move the cursor to the far end room required, then press the connect_conference.jpg to connect the call.

  2. If the far end room is not in the address book, press the connect_conference.jpg to open a field for manual entry. Use the Tandberg Remote to enter the number then press the green button again.


Your system is multisite which means you can connect three video calls and three telephone calls simultaneously. When you are connected to several sites, press the LAYOUT button to change the screen layout of the participants. To connect a telephone call, please call VAVS (x4643) to obtain the prefix code then select Telephone from the Call Quality Menu before dialling.

Audio adjustment:

Once the call has been connected you will see the far end room on the left panel and yourselves on the right panel. Use the VOLUME CONTROL +/- on the Tandberg Remote to adjust incoming audio. If there is still no audio, use the TV Remote to adjust volume on the Left Display. Make sure your own microphone is not muted.

Showing a Presentation during a Videoconference:

Connect the laptop cables provided (video and audio) to the laptop and toggle the output for dual displays. On a PC type laptop it is usually a keystroke combination of Fn or the Windows key and the F7 or F8 key. On Mac Books, go to detect displays and let Apple weave its magic. Ensure the screen resolution is set at 1024x768 pixels. Lastly press the PRESENTATION button (blue) on the Tandberg Remote.

Disconnect a Videoconference Call:

Press the disconnect_conference.jpg twice to disconnect the call.

Return system to standby mode:

At the end of your session, please return the system to standby mode by pressing the disconnect_conference.jpg twice