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AMX 17-button control

Media switch and volume control

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d3-059 144 149 AV control

Project image onto screen

  1. Turn the AV system on by pressing the On button.

  2. Select the media to be used for the presentation by pressing the corresponding button on the media selector.
    Visualiser = Document camera
    Laptop = analogue laptop connected to the system using the VGA cable and 3.5mm audio
    DVI = digital laptop or other device connected to the system using the HDMI cable
    PC = desktop PC (rack mounted)

If a button is flashing on the Media Selector, please do not press any buttons until the flashing has stopped. The flashing action indicates the projector is going through a warm-up or cool-down stage which takes 3-5 minutes.


The volume through the speakers is adjusted by turning the circular knob located toward the top right of the media switch.

Presentation audio can be muted if required by pressing the Audio Mute button.

Please ensure the computer/laptop audio is not muted and that its volume is turned up if the presentation contains an audio component.

Turn off the system

Press the Off button to turn the AV system off.