VAVS Home Help AMX 4-button Control

AMX 4-button Control

Media Switch


Select the media to be used by pressing a button on the panel above, i.e. PC (Computer), Video (DVD/VHS Player) or Doc Camera. A red light in top left corner of the button lights up and a command is sent to the display to accept the incoming signals from the media selected.

Please note in rooms with a projector, it will take a few minutes for it to warm up, so please desist from pressing buttons in quick succession if nothing happens immediately.

If you press the OFF button after pressing a media button you will delay matters even further. If there is no image on the projector screen or flat panel display after 5 minutes, please contact us. Before leaving the room, please press the OFF button unless of course there is another presentation to follow.

Please also note the projector is set to automatically turn off after 3 hours of continuous use of the same appliance. To reset the timer, briefly change media source before continuing (i.e. change from PC to Video and back to PC) as you otherwise might be in the middle of a presentation when the 3 hour limit is reached and the equipment automatically switches off.