AV 9-button control E2-113/113A

Media Switch and volume control

Rooms E2-113/113A


Show media on projector

Select the media to be used (PC, Doc Cam, video) for the presentation by pressing the corresponding button on the media switch. If a laptop is connected it will be shown when pressing the PC button on the media switch.

Once you press a button, it will start flashing until the projector has gone through its warmup phase before the image appears. While flashing, please desist from pressing any other buttons.


To connect a laptop to the AV system, plug in the DVI-A and 3.5mm cables, set laptop display to duplicate (mirror or clone) and press the Laptop button on the media switch.


This room can be partitioned and individually controlled from each side or joined. To join the room for AV purposes, press the Link button.


The volume of the speakers is controlled by the Volume Up and Volume Down buttons on the media selector.

Make sure the Dell PC or laptop audio is not muted and turned up if the presentation contains an audio component. The computer volume control is by way of an icon on the taskbar at the bottom right of your screen. Hovering over the speaker icon will show you the volume as a percentage of maximum volume. Click on the icon to adjust the volume

Win7Speaker2_25x25.gif = 100% Win7Speaker2_25x25_muted.gif= 0%

Please remember to press the Off button before leaving the room, unless of course the next lecturer/presenter is already present.

Turn system off

Press the On./Off button to turn the system off