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Cisco SX 10&20 Remote Control

Cisco SX10 videoconference system components

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Cisco SX10 Control

The Cisco SX10 videconference unit is connected to a display (TV)  and operated by the Cisco SX10 remote control.

The left/right/up/down arrow buttons on the remote, have two functions:

  1. Used to move the cursor to the icons on the display - Camera control, Share content (laptop), Connect call manually and Settings
  2. Used for control when within a function (camera control etc.)

Press the Back button to exit out of a function

Cisco SX10 Control

Open Camera control and adjust

  1. Move the cursor to the Camera icon in the upper right hand corner and press the OK/Enter button to activate it.
  2. Use the pan, tilt zoom buttons to adjust the camera angle
  3. Press the Back button to close the camera control

Show laptop presentation

  1. Connect the laptop to the AV system with the HDMI cable and activate the laptop's dual display (Win/P to duplicate or mirror displays).
  2. Move the cursor to the Share icon on the display and press the OK/Enter button to share the laptop content
  3. Press the Back button to stop sharing.