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Connect from external to jcu over ISDN


ISDN connections are available through our Gateways to all our endpoints. The ISDN number to dial unless otherwise specified, is identical to the last 8 digits of the E.164 alias of the endpoint:

E.g. if the E.164 Alias is 61747535190, the ISDN number will be

  • 47535190 if dialling within Queensland;

  • 0747535190 if dialling from interstate and

  • +61747535190 if dialling from overseas.

We support ISDN speeds up to 384kbps

You will, if the connection is successful, first see an image advising you that you are connected to the JCU Gateway and that your call is now being connected, you will also hear a female voice saying “Please Wait”.

If you do not see this slide, you have not established a connection to our Gateway at which time we suggest you check the ISDN number dialled is correct and/or ensure the ISDN lines associated with your system are working correctly.