Connect from external venue to JCU over IP

VAVS Home Help Connect from external venue to JCU over IP

Dial into JCU

It is not possible to dial an IP address of a JCU videoconferencing venue.

Please note that in all instances, if your system is located behind a firewall, and your organisation is not using an H.460.18/19 firewall traversal device such as a VCS-E, Border controller or VBP, then permissions must be set on your firewall to allow H.323 traffic between your GateKeeper or End-Point(s) and IP address This IP is the address of our VCS-E and not an IP address you can connect to.

Supported dialling formats:

  1. E.164 Alias addressing
  2. URI dialling

IF JCU are to initiate the call

Please provide the following information

  • IP Address

  • E.164 Alias

  • URI address

  • ISDN number (only required if ISDN is to be used)

  • Videoconference System (manufacturer, model etc.)

  • H.239 capable

  • Contact details (mobile phone, phone, email) for videoconferencing technical support staff