VAVS Home Help Connect JCU to JCU using TRC5 remote

Connect JCU to JCU using TRC5 remote

Pick up the Tandberg remote (see image below right) to activate the system. Click on the image of the remote for a user guide.

trc5 remote

The flat panel display will come alive, displaying the image shown above right.

To connect to a Cairns room, press the Address Book Button and press the Arrow Down Button on the remote until JCU Cairns AV Rooms is highlighted. The position of the cursor is marked by an orange bar on the left hand side of the choices in the Address Book Menu.


Press either the Right Arrow on the remote to open the next address book menu (see below for resulting image):


To connect to a particular room, again navigate by using the Arrow Down/Arrow Up keys on the remote and once the correct room has been highlighted (A3-002 in the example below)


press the trc5_green_handset_icon_small.jpg to dial and connect.

1-021_vc_local_screens 011.jpg

The room (far end) to which you have been connected, is shown on the flat panel display.