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Record a lecture, seminar, workshop or public event to VAVS Telepresence Content Server

Please note content server recordings can only be made from videoconference enabled venues. Touch panels have to be in videoconferencing mode prior to recording – if the panel is in local presentation mode, the session will not be recorded.

If ‘Privacy Mute’ is activated on a touch panel, no audio will be recorded (microphone and presentation audio such as desktop PC, laptop etc) on the recording – please make sure ‘Privacy Mute’ is not activated and the microphone is not muted.

Request a recording

To have a lecture/presentation/meeting recorded to a content server, please submit the online Booking Form.

Recording Formats

The recordings can be made in several formats detailed in the section below:

Image Format Description
Single format  Single or switchedPresenter or presentation is recorded. Presentation overrides presenter.
Available to view online and for download
pip format  PIPPresenter in a Picture In Picture overlaying the presentation. Beware this may hide part of your presentation. Available to view online and for download.
stacked format StackedPresenter in Picture In Picture above the presentation. View online only - no download available.
audio only Audio onlymp3 file

To access recording

Owing to storage constraints we can only guarantee the recorded media being available up to 7 days after the event.

Click on one of the following links to access the recording:

Given the content servers are not clustered, you may have to check an alternative server to find your recording. Generally Townsville presentations are kept on the Townsville Servers and Cairns presentations on the Cairns server.

Upon logging in you may get a warning re “invalid security certificate” and an option to add an exemption for this. Add the exemption and accept this permanently, and then continue the log in process

  • UserName: ad\user name

Note your user name must be preceded with: ad\

  • Password: your normal JCU password

The content servers are also accessible off campus but you need to establish a VPN connection prior to logging in.

Content manipulation options

The following four options are available to the content owner from within the content server environment:

  • Play – play the recorded content

  • Download – transfer the recording to your computer
    (defaults to MPEG-4 for Flash Medium)

  • Share – send a link by email to other JCU staff and students.

  • Edit

  1. Edit Conference Information i.e. name etc.

  2. Delete conference


Please note Videoconferencing and Audio Visual Services only performs the recording function of the content. Click on JCU eLectures for information how to get the recorded content to LearnJCU. Click on eLecture delivery to view the available options.

For more information

Any questions about recording a lecture - contact

Any questions about the recorded content - contact