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Jabber Video Connect JCU to external

Using Jabber Video to connect to an external party/venue

Connect to a person

The Jabber Video address will normally be the person’s e-mail address with the word “movi” inserted between the name and the @ symbol. Calling Joe Blogs at Uni of Central Queensland you would probably type

    This is called the URI type address which is native to the Jabber Video addressing format. To connect, type this address into you Jabber Video client and click call to connect. Please check with the external party to confirm the address prior to dialing.

Connect to videoconference room

Dialling methods

URI dialling

The preferred method to be used to connect to an external videoconference room (outside the JCU network) is the URI method as per below:

  • The SIP address of the external venue will be something like

If you don't know the number, you will need to contact the other party to obtain it, since there is a large degree of freedom in the creation of these addresses.

Alternative dialling

It is possible to connect to an outside entity by other means, but this uses up a traversal license which are limited in numbers. The available dialing method depends on how the external venue has been configured. Generally the following methods are available:

  • IP address – for example

If in doubt, please obtain the correct number from the external party prior to dialing.