Microphone TOA AM-1

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Microphone TOA AM-1

The AM-1 Real-time Steering Array Microphone System has achieved the unique function of detecting the sound source location and steering its angle automatically in real-time to capture the targeted sound more efficiently.

An iPad app allows the user to monitor live, status of the sound source tracking, and make real-time changes to setting parameters. Additionally, the AM-1 has webpage access using a PC browser allowing for setting adjustments.

Real-time monitoring

  • Detection of sound source location
  • Signal level of 8 individual microphone elements
  • AM-1 GUI Parameter settings

Parameter Settings

  • Tracking range (Horizontal angle and distance)
  • Tracking sensitivity
  • Tracking speed
  • Gain compensation
  • ON/OFF, Distance adjustment threshold
  • Duration (Time monitoring of sound source footprint)
  • Disabling of MUTE switch function on the microphone
  • Output gain level adjustment

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