NEC Projector LT265

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Projector status lights

This is a view of the Projector usually provided by sales representatives.


However, at JCU the projectors are ceiling mounted which means from your point of view the projectors will look something like this, where the main point of interest is the lower right hand side corner:


The health of a projector is shown by the indicator lights Lamp, Status and Power located on its belly.

Projector in Stand Bye

Power light steady orange


Projector Warming Up

Power light blinking green


Projector Ready

Power light steady green


Projector Cooling Down

Power blinking orange

At the end of the cooling down period, the power light turns to a steady orange.

Other light combinations may indicate a fault. In the event of a projector failure, take note of the status of the lights and then contact technical support in Townsville or Cairns.

Projector Errors

Status blinking red


Lamp Errors – Lamp steady or blinking red