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Present PowerPoint with notes


This information is for presenters/lecturers who want to see their PowerPoint Presentation notes on the computer while showing the PowerPoint slides on the flat panel or projector display.

From the first semester 2015 and the introduction of new all-in-one desktop PCs (Dell Optiplex 9030) in the common teaching rooms, the pre-requisite Extended Display option is available for all PowerPoint users who wish to view their notes during the presentation.  Please note VAVS are gradually upgrading the AV systems to high-definition/wide screen but this upgrade is not yet complete, hence the screen resolution of a maximum 1024x768 @60 Hz still applies in some of the rooms with older AV equipment.

Dell All-in-one PC

The PCs are usually set up to duplicate the screen which means what you see on the computer screen is what you see on the projector screen/flat panel display.

Press the 'Windows-key' and the 'P-key' to toggle the display options – a menu slides in from the right hand side of the screen showing you the options – while holding the down the windows-key, keep pressing the P key until the Extend option is selected then let go of both keys.

pc extend

Ensure the Use Presenter View box is ticked in the PowerPoint Slide Show Monitor option before starting the slide show (see image below).

presenter view


  1. Connect the Macbook to the System using the HDMI cable provided for this purpose.

  2. Display the laptop on the projector screen or flat panel display by selecting PC or laptop on the media selector (depends on which venue you are at)

  3. Click on Apple System Preferences

  4. Click on Displays

  5. Click on Detect Displays

  6. Click on Arrangement and un-tick the Mirror Displays box – The displays i.e. the laptop screen and the projector screen can now be configured independently. Move the mouse cursor to the projected screen and set the resolution for 1024 x 768 at 60Hz

  7. Open your PowerPoint presentation and click on Slide Show

Other laptops

Set up extended display through the graphics properties setting on the laptop.

From the PowerPoint menus, click on the ‘SLIDE SHOW’ tab along the top of the screen. Approximately halfway across the top, locate the section called ‘Monitors’ which has three subheadings:


Select the external display from the PowerPoint drop-down menu at ‘Show Presentation On’. This display will then show the slides without the notes.

Tick the Use Presenter View box and then start the slide show presentation. Your notes will appear in a window to the right of your current slide once you start the slide show. The text can be sized to your requirement by ticking the Zoom controls (+ or -).