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2017 Recording Lectures & Presentations & Seminars

Mediasite - available from SP1 2017

Mediasite is the University's centrally supported enterprise recording system. Mediasite allows the creation, editing, publishing (via Blackboard and other platforms) and management of high quality media content for both teaching and non-teaching activities.

If you have booked a teaching activity through your colleges Academic Services Officers you should have been placed into a Room fitted with a Mediasite hardware recorder. The Mediasite hardware recorders replaces the end of life Content Servers previously used.

A Mediasite Desktop Recorder has replaced Techsmith Relay and is available on the desktop computers in all Common Teaching Rooms. Video and audio input to the Mediasite Desktop Recorder is provided by the inbuilt camera and microphone on the desktop PC.

Mediasite appliance
Press and hold to start
Press momentarily to pause and restart
Press and hold to stop

Start/pause/stop button

Control and status light

Mediasite FAQ

Unlit = not recording
Steady red = recording
Pulsing red - paused

Mediasite recording

More information about Mediasite is available at

Top tips for lecture recording from the AV perspective

In Rooms fitted with the Mediasite hardware recorders, we recommend:

  • Use the lapel or handheld microphone to capture your voice clearly
  • Press the desktop red button to pause recording and again to resume (useful when showing copyright material or discussing sensitive information)
  • Prepare to start on time and finish before the next lecture. Recording start and finish 5 minutes before class in line with videconferencing change-over times.

Techsmith Relay - available during SP1 2017

In order to ease the transition to Mediasite and as a backup, Techsmith Relay will be available up until SP2 2017

Content Server - not available in 2017

The content servers are at end of life and will not be available from the 13th of January 2017.


Doceri – you can use your iPad to connect to the Desktop PC in all the common teaching rooms and record your lecture such as powerpoint, annotations, audio etc. The resulting file is saved to your iPad in Quicktime format (.mov).