Recording Lectures

VAVS Home Help Recording Lectures

There are three methods available to record a lecture or presentation:

Techsmith Relay

Techsmith Relay (formerly known as Camtasia Relay)– a Do-It-Yourself tool for creating and publishing personal vodcasts. It requires a USB microphone or headset (not provided) be attached to the Dell PC. In videoconference enabled rooms supported by VAVS, microphones are wired into the Techsmith Relay recording system. We recommend a test recording be conducted before each recording as the microphone settings in the
Dell Desktop PC could have been changed by the previous user.  

Please note Techsmith Relay is not supported by VAVS  
Contact ITHelpdesk for support

Content Server

Content Server – these recordings are suitable for lectures, presentations, meetings etc. The recordings are available to view online and for download in MPEG-4 flash format at 640x480 pixel resolution. They are also commonly edited and transcoded by TLD staff and made available to LearnJCU as well as for mobile devices.

To record to VAVS content server and subsequent eLecture processing, please fill out the online form.


Doceri – you can use your iPad to connect to the Desktop PC in all the common teaching rooms and record your lecture such as powerpoint, annotations, audio etc. The resulting file is saved to your iPad in Quicktime format (.mov).