VAVS Home Help Tandberg Remote Control – TRC5

Tandberg Remote Control – TRC5

Hover the mouse over the buttons for a description.

Buttons with descriptions commencing with ‘GOTO’ can be clicked to take you to a detailed page for this particular button.

Touch panel simulator OK GOTO Tilt camera down GOTO Tilt camera up GOTO Pan camera right GOTO Pan camera left GOTO Disconnect from a conference call Clear the last character/number entry GOTO Volume control GOTO Mute/unmute microphone GOTO Switch to PC GOTO Zoom control GOTO View conference room phone book GOTO Change the conference layout GOTO Open top layer menu GOTO Connect or answer a conference call manually Keypad for entering conference room dial in numbers Select the presenter camera as the main VC image Select the desktop PC as the main VC image Select the document camera as the main VC image Select the audience camera as the main VC image Button 5

Connect a conference call from the phone book/directory

The phone book entries are sorted in folders and individual entries. Press the Phone book/directory button on the remote control, navigate to a folder by using the up and down arrow on the remote control and press the grey tick/OK button to open the folder. Navigate to the room/person by the arrow up and down buttons to find the room/person in the folder list. Press the green handset call button to connect the call

Clear/backspacePress to pan right Press to tilt camera upPress to pan leftPress to tilt camera downGOTO Disconnect from a conference callGOTO Mute or unmute the microphone(s)GOTO Enter and connect a conference call manuallyPush to confirm a menu selectionGOTO Show presentationPress to zoom camera in or outGOTO Change the conference layoutGOTO top layer menuPress to show the phone book entriesGOTO Volume controlNumber, character and symbols padButtons correspond to the 5 cues shown along the bottom of the screen