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Tandberg Remote TRC4

Tandberg Remote Control TRC4 User Guide

There are two categories of videoconferencing rooms where the interaction with the audio visual and videoconferencing system is by way of a Tandberg Remote Control

  • Venues fitted with flat screens

  • Venues fitted with projectors

In those rooms fitted with two side by side mounted flat screens, the screens will come alive once you grab hold of the remote control.


How to turn on projector(s)

Once the flat screens are activated/the projectors are up and running, you will see the following screen:

MXP screen

With the Tandberg Remote Control firmly in your hand, point it towards the videoconferencing unit in the room and press the button marked selfview. This will show you the current camera angle.


Main Camera

The main camera is situated on top of the videoconferencing unit - zoom, pan and tilt the camera by pressing the appropriate buttons on the Tandberg Remote Control.

TRC4 detail

Aux or Presenter Camera

The presenter camera is used to project the image of the presenter to the Far End – usually mounted in the ceiling towards the rear of the room or along the back wall – controlled by a separate remote control as per the image below.

Sony AUX cam remote

Once you are satisfied with the camera settings, press the Selfview button again on the Tandberg Remote Control.

Connect a call manually

With the Tandberg remote still firmly in your hand, press address book situated in between the connect and disconnect. This will bring up a screen which looks like this:

MXP phone book

The Placed Calls is highlighted by an orange outline which represents the cursor. To move the cursor, press the down/up arrow (same control as the Main Camera tilt control) and move to the content heading called [JCU Cairns AV Rooms] (users on Cairns will see the [JCU Townsville AV Rooms]) and then press the OK button on the remote which will show you a list of available rooms to which you can connect. Townsville users will see this:

MXP phone book detail

In the example above the cursor rests at A1-129 and if this is the room to which you want to connect, press connect to make the connection, otherwise move the cursor down until you find the room to which you want to connect before pressing connect. A short dial tone is heard before the connection is made and the screen is replaced with a camera shot of the room at the other end – Far End – if the connection was successful.

Once the connection has been established, you are able to add your presentation to the conference by pressing one of the five buttons at the top on the Tandberg Remote, Main Camera, PC, Document Camera, DVD or Aux Camera. That way you can send both the video stream of the presenter and the presentation to the Far End.

TRC4 apps

Bob is now your uncle!

To disconnect the conference call press disconnect twice.