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Videoconference in Room 1-203

Conduct a videoconference


The interacting hardware between you and the Cisco C40 is the Tandberg remote control, usually located somewhere on the meeting room table. Point the remote towards the camera before pressing a button.

trc5 remote

Activate the system

Pick up the remote control to activate the system. If a menu appears in the bottom left corner, p[ress the pan left button to remove it. A picture-in-picture of the current camera angle will appear in the bottom right corner. Make the necessary adjustments to the camera and press the Exit button on the remote (the tabs along the bottom of the screen correspond to the five buttons along the top of the Tandberg remote).

There is no desktop PC in this room.


Videoconference calls are scheduled and automated by VAVS and are in common teaching rooms usually connected at five minutes to the hour. Once the call has been connected, indicated by the connected room appearing on the flat panel display, the laptop can be added as the presentation.

Connect a call manually

Show a laptop presentation

Connect the laptop to the AV system using the

Duplicate (clone or mirror) the laptop display and momentarily press the switch to pcSwitch to PC button

Turn off presentation

Briefly press the switch to pcSwitch to PC button.