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VC System C40 2xPanel Local

Local presentation

Cairns: A4-105 B1-103 B1-108 D1-123 E2-111
Townsville: 4-225 15-119 17-064 27-209 34-201 145-032

The interacting hardware between you and the Cisco C40 is the Tandberg remote control, (image below to the right) usually located somewhere on the meeting room table. Point the remote towards the camera before pressing a button. The image shown below will appear on the flat panel displays.

codec splashtrc5 remote

Show a Dell PC presentation

To show a PC presentation briefly press the switch to pc Switch to PC button.

Show a laptop presentation

1) Connect the laptop to the AV system using the

2) Momentarily press the switch to PC button on the Tandberg remote

Show a document camera presentation

To show what is on the document camera/visualizer, press and hold the Switch to PC button until a presentation source pop-up window appears at the bottom left hand corner of the flat panel display. Select Doc Cam and press OK.

Turn off presentation

Briefly press the Switch to PC button.