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Videoconferencing – Teleconference

Can the videoconferencing system be used for a teleconference?

All the JCU videoconferencing End Points are able to connect a call to a telephone subscriber anywhere in the world. All you need to do is to add a prefix to the phone number and selecting Telephone Call instead of Video call before dialing.

If you are setting up a tele conference with a large amount of participants, this is best organized through the JCU switchboard – internal number 91, external parties call (07) 4781 4111.

The prefix to be added

Contact us for instructions

Connect to a mobile in Australia

Enter prefix and mobile number

Connect to Queensland subscriber

Enter prefix and subscriber number (07 not required)

Connect interstate call

Enter prefix, area code and subscriber number

Connect Overseas Call

Enter prefix, 0011, country code, area code and subscriber number


Some of the JCU videoconference rooms are enabled to connect up to 3 video calls and 3 telephone calls simultaneously. If calls in excess of these are required please contact VAVS.